nothin but haters and bitches goin after what you got

i've not lost my lust for the internet, just moved on to myspace (username: bonni).

i am still in bend. dropped out. going to cocc or doing online classes or some similar thing in the near-as-possible future.

still partying. hard.

working as a hostess at baldy's bbq.

uhm... blah. nothing else.
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i was having the most wonderful day and then i remembered my life is in shambles.

oh bri...why you, too?
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finally home. or at lisa's at least, which is my soon-to-be home.

going to the lake tomorrow. oh yes.

i miss n*. and he misses me. so there.

i have done way too much traveling lately. i want to sleep for days.
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aw jaysus

got lots of stuff for the new apartment today.

even though that girl is nuts.

i'm thinking i'm getting into this new bad habit of drinking again. but i like it.

cannot wait until i come home.

i think all girls are crazy. really really crazy.
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live it up

so like i got a blockbuster card today.

that was the highlight. also, some shirts to make my boobs look bigger (no scars, no swelling!), and finally a pack of smokes that was like a gift from god.

hmmm. i wish i had something to say. theres cool pictures on lisa's journal.

i'm really trying on this myspace thing.

i'm sorry what? my farsi is a little rusty.

i need more friends.
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"Down with a world in which the guarantee that we will not die of starvation has been purchased with the guarantee that we will die of boredom." (situationist graffiti Paris 1968)

So its like 28 hours since my last cigg. This sucks. And I am tired of people telling me its good for me because obviously I couldn't care less about whats genuinely good for me. At least it should help me gain weight. But this is the worst... seriously, the worst kind of withdrawal ever.

This is like the slowest month of my life, for serious.
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not much new. i still love lisa more then most people like breathing.

still in wawa caring for the childies. the people here are very strange.

i complain when people boge... bogue... i say this word all the time but have no idea how i would spell it... ok so i hate it when people flake out on me but all i do is flake out on these people and they just don't. give. up. ever.

made up words that apply to my life:
1. boge. (to flake out)
2. skangy. (cross between skanky and grungy)
3. unboyfriend. (n*...sigh)
4. disterrage. (cross between discourage and disturb)

----confessional: i made that list pretty much for "unboyfriend". and disterrage b/c its super fun to say.

uh yeah. i wanna come home.
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